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About US

Koncern "Petar Drapšin", since its foundation 1949, has developed into the largest producer of cylinder assemblies in the Balkan: pistons, piston pins and cylinder liners for freight vehicles, tractors, buses and railways. Within the structure of the Koncern, besides the factory of cylinder assemblies, the following factories also operate successfullyi:

  • Die Casting Factory
  • Sand Moulds Casting Factory
  • Forgings Factory
  • Tool Factory
  • Factory For Production Of Equipment, Maintenance And Power Supply


We produce cylinder assemblies with diameters ranging from 50mm up to 200mm for the following engines: MERCEDES-BENZ, PERKINS, KHD-DEUTZ, FIAT, IVECO, SCANIA, VOLVO, MAN, RABA, DAF, RENAULT-RVI, UTB, ZETOR, MTZ, MAGIRUS, IHC, FORD, IFA, TAM, FAP, LOMBARDINI and others. besides the mentioned assortment, we manufacture cylinder assemblies according to special customers demand. Quality assurance is confirmed by export to many parts of the World (Europe, Near and Middle East and Africa). Castings are produced from aluminum alloys on modern casting machines for the requirements of the engine and automotive industry, hydraulics and pneumatics, electroindustry, shipbuilding, chemical industry, housing construction and other general industrial needs.


The following technologies are applied: casting in gravity die casting moulds, casting under high pressure and casting with counter pressure. We manufacture forgings made of aluminum and copper alloys for the reuirements of the engine and automotive industry, railway industry, aircraft industry, mining, shipbuilding, machine building industry, electroindustry and other industrial needs. In the tools factory we manufacture tools for all the products in our production program according to our own technological and construction solution or according to customers' documentation, as follows: all kinds of casting and forging moulds, moulds made of wood and metal and also made of plastic and araldit masses and tools for acoustic isolation.

Quality Management

The highest priority in the business of Petar Drapšin is our products quality and customer satisfaction. The result of this orientation is the implementation of quality management systems and possess a certificate ISO 9001:2008. Petar Drapšin owns laboratory for chemical and metallographic examination and testing of mechanical properties of materials.


In addition to laboratory Concern Petar Drapšin owns and equipment for non-destructive testing, X-ray device of Danish manufacturer ANDREX and X-ray device of renowned Dutch producer PHILIPS and ultrasonic testing device of the German company of KRAUTKRAMER.


For control of product dimensions we use the measuring tools known manufacturers: MAHR, PERTHEN, ZEISS, Mitutoyo, TAYLOR-HOBSON and measuring instruments for testing of piston rings of German manufacturer of GOETZE.

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