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Forgings Factory

Forgings factory produces forgings on modern hydraulic and friction presses which enable the production of the wide range high-quality forgings with two different technologies. 

  • Free forged forgings made of Al and Cu alloys up to 30 kg.
  • Forgings forged in moulds made of Al and Cu alloys up to 20 kg.

The press design enables cold work of steel sheet to be performed (punching, bending, drawing etc...)

We dispose of two types of furnices for heat treatment. One is electric chamber furnace with a tank for quenching and the other is electric chamber furnace for aging.

Forgings factory produces forgings for application in industry for special purposes, engine and automotive, shipbuilding, machine building, and electrical manufacturing industry as well as in hydraulics and gas engineering.

Cylinder Assemblies Factory

Cylinder assemblies factory is the biggest producer of cylinder assemblies on the Balcans for freight vehicles, tractors, buses and railway with diameters ranging from 50 mm up to 200 mm. We produce cylinder assemblies for engines: PERKINS, MERCEDES-BENZ, MAN, KHD, FIAT, IVECO, SCANIA, VOLVO, RABA, DAF KAMAZ, MTZ IMR, FAMOS, DMB etc....

Pistons are casted from aluminium and silicon alloys of eutectic and hyper-eutectic composition

Cylinder liners are made of special high-quality gray cast iron by the technology of centrifugal casting. We produce dry cylinder liners (where they do not come into direct contact with the engine cooling medium) and wet liners (where they come into direct contact with the engine cooling medium).

Besides pistons and cylinder liners we also produce piston pins with diameters from 10 mm up to 80 mm.

Castings Factory

Die casting factory is the largest producer of aluminium alloys castings for the requirements of the engine and automotive industry, agricultural machines, gas and electro-industry on the former Yugoslavia market. Die casting factory produces castings by using two different technologies.

  • Gravity die casting in metal moulds performs on classical machines, type vertical turret as on special machines for castings with particular purpose and characteristics. Annual capacity is 3000 t and unit weight goes to 50 kg.
  • Casting under high pressure performs on horizontal machines with cold chamber, with closing force from 400 t to 1200 t. Annual capacity is 1000 t. Unit casting weight is from 0,1 to 10 kg.

Production of cores that are necessery for casting, performs according to the following procedures:

Cold procedures:

  • CO2 procedure of core production from 0,05 to 150 kg
  • Oil procedure of core production from 0,005 to 40 kg

Hot procedures:

  • HOT-BOX procedure of core production from 0,03 to 12 kg
  • CRONING procedure of core production from 0,001 to 2,0 kg

Heat treatment of castings performs in modern, automatic furnace with strictly controlled regime of heating and cooling. The installations annual capacity is 3500 t.

Tools Factory

Concern Petar Drapšin owns a tools factory that is specialized in producing of all kinds of castings tools, forgings tools as well as models made ​​of wood. For the production of tools the tools factory uses highly alloyed steels that are resistant to high temperatures and have very good durability.


POOE Factory

Factory for equipment production, maintenance and energy performs plant supplying with compressed air and steam and has four compressors from well-known manufacturer of ATLAS COPCO.


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